3 Things To Consider When Shopping Online for Beauty Supplies

The cosmetics and beauty supply industry is a booming industry, which rakes in billions in annual revenues every year. The number of cosmetics, beauty supplies and beauty products available to the average U.S. consumer is astounding; as is the number of retail outlets and merchandisers that are dedicated to selling hair, makeup and beauty supplies. From the common, everyday beauty supply store to specialized department and fashion stores, beauty products are sold in a variety of different locations. However, with the recent popularity of social media and the public’s increasing trust in making online transactions, retailers have taken to selling beauty supplies and products on the Internet. So is it better to shop online or at locally owned and operated beauty supply store? Where should you make your next beauty purchase? Here are 3 things you need to consider when shopping online for beauty supplies.

Is There Really a Difference?
Is there really a difference between shopping at my local beauty supply store versus shopping online? This is a commonly asked question regarding shopping for beauty products and cosmetics. Shopping at your local, neighborhood beauty supply store offers instant gratification. You are free to browse the aisles, pick your wants and needs, and leave the store with your newly purchased beauty supplies in tow. Online shopping offers convenience. You are free to shop around the clock, anytime of day or night. When shopping online there’s no need to leave the house, or even put on clothes for that matter. After making your selections, entering payment and shipping information, your packages should hopefully arrive at your door in a timely manner.

Will I Get Good Customer Service?
There is definitely a difference in the type of customer service you will receive when shopping online versus when shopping at your local beauty supply retailer. Customer service is one of the main reasons people prefer to shop locally for beauty supplies, hair care and cosmetics. At your local beauty supply store customer service is hands-on. There is someone there, usually a trained professional, to assist you with making purchases and to answer any questions you may have. Many department and specialty beauty supply stores offer beauty consultations; which is a personal, one-on-one approach determined to help customers make the best beauty purchases.

Technological advances, and the popularity of smartphones and tablet devices, have made the days of poor online customer service a thing of the past. Online retailers are now able to provide customer service in a variety of different ways. Telephone, email, online chatting, and even one-on-one Skype sessions are being used by online beauty supply companies to reach their customers and provide top-notch customer support. Recently, some online beauty retailers have reached out to popular beauty bloggers as another method of providing customer service. These beauty bloggers are often provided with beauty products that they then demonstrate how to properly use to their many online fans and followers.

What about Product Availability?
Product selection and availability is one of the main benefits of shopping online for beauty supplies and cosmetics. Locally owned and operated beauty supply stores usually offer a decent mix and selection of products, but these stores are limited by space and size. Due to these restrictions, certain brick-and-mortar beauty supply stores choose to specialize on one area; such as men or makeup and skincare, which places more limitations on your purchasing power. Online beauty supply merchandisers don’t have to worry about the sizes of sales floors limiting the amount of product they can carry. Shopping online gives you access to more beauty products both in the U.S. and abroad. You also have access to a multitude of different stores, all who are trying to get your business by offering sales and promotional offers. Not only does shopping online increase product availability, you could end up saving some money as well.

There are benefits to both shopping online and at your local beauty supply store. Product selection, convenience and customer service are all factors to consider when making your next beauty purchase. Depending on your specific needs you may find it necessary to experiment with several beauty supplies stores in your area, as well as multiple online retailers. By gaining experience with all types of beauty retail outlets, you are sure to develop a preference when shopping for your beauty supply needs.


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