6 Steps To Ultra Sleek Hair

At ExtenCity, we’re all about glamorous hair. And a classic glam up style that serves a dose of retro chic realness is a super straight, ultra-sleek style. However, not everyone is born with super straight locks. If you must put in some work to get a super straight style, we’ve come up with a few tips that can help you along the way.

Straighten your hair fast and with ease using these six easy steps.


The starting point for ultra-sleek hair is a good shampoo. That means you may want to invest in a better-quality shampoo. We suggest one that is formulated specifically for straightening hair. This will help reduce the amount of heat that you’ll need to apply to your hair to get ultra-sleek, straight hair. If you have color treated, you may want to ask your stylist for a recommendation. You don’t want to strip your color.


When it comes to getting super straight hair – it’s all about conditioning. If possible, choose the conditioner that matches with your shampoo. The pair have been formulated to work together to give you the best results. Those of you with dry or damaged hair should also deep condition your hair before straightening it. This will help prevent heat damage and reduce frizz.


A lot of heat damage can be attributed to bad drying techniques. Avoid using the highest setting and don’t allow yourself to stay in one spot for too long while blow drying. If you have the time, set your hair with large rollers and sit under a hood dryer or air dry. When your hair is 70% dry, remove the rollers and finish up with the blow dryer.


To get ultra-sleek, super straight hair you want to use a good straightening balm or serum. Try to find a serum that also works as a heat protectant. Serums help to relax and smooth the hair prior to straightening while reducing the buildup of static electricity that causes fizziness.

For super straight, sleek hair you will need a quality straightener. There is a lot to choose from but invest in one that’s of good quality. If you can try not to skimp on the price, you might not get the best results. Ceramic plated flat irons are always a wise choice. Ceramic plates diffuse heat more evenly, which smooths and seals hair cuticles, thus preventing frizz.

Good hair starts on the inside. This means eating a healthy, iron-rich diet. Dark leafy greens are a good source of iron. Your body uses Vitamin C to help with iron absorption, so be sure to eat a lot of citrus fruit, broccoli, and blueberries. And as always – drink more water!

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