Clip-in Hair Care

Women wear their hair like a priceless crown over their heads whether the hair is beautifully long or smartly cropped. It is pure glory! However, during the days when we are awfully stressed out and frazzled about work or home, our hair is largely affected. The dynamics of hair care and hair growth tend to be altered along with the dynamics of the atmosphere and extent of pollution it is exposed to.

Although, clip-in hair extensions are the quickest and simplest hack towards achieving gorgeous and fuller looking hair in no time, these are quite affordable, handy and can be modified every time you want to use them.

Hair extensions can prove to be a real asset for acquiring magnificence and beauty, if used dexterously. However, there is no rocket science involved and one gets used to a few tricks of wearing extensions almost without attracting any unwanted attention. 

Women who use clip-in hair extensions would know how very essential it is to keep your extended hair from damage and to maintain clean, healthy, well-groomed hair. Yes ladies, this incorporates good pampering for your clip-in hair at all times, so they can last a little longer, while giving away a super natural look.

  • ExtenCity highly recommends that you use a mild shampoo and conditioner for hair washing to keep the natural hair oils intact.
  • Moreover, the hair should be gently washed with warm water, not too hot and not too cold.
  • Start brushing away your hair from the bottom after a shower and gradually move towards the scalp. This is a fabulous hack for preventing your hair from breaking off and falling.
  • For clip-in extensions, even before you decide on straightening or curling up your hair, you have to make sure they are absolutly dry to prevent them from being burnt, stiff and lifeless.
  • Also, even before you expose your hair to any sort of direct heat, get your hands on a good heat protector from a well-reputable company. You can spray it off on the hair and keep them hydrated, glossy and super fresh. 

ExtenCity constantly encourages women to play around with their hair and experiment. On the other hand, we also want to make sure that you promise your hair additional care. Effortless measures such as these can help in shielding your hair from further damage and a harsh atmosphere.


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