Closure Options and Their Use

Human hair extensions have become the staple of beauty for women. All women embrace weave of different textures, lengths, and styles for several reasons. It could be for aesthetic purposes or medical conditions that lead to hair loss like; cancer and alopecia. Whatever the case may be, your weave isn't considered properly installed without a good closure honey. Closures are great for giving a neat and smooth finish after a weave is sewn in. Closures are available in different styles and textures. Picking one out ultimately depends on your choice of weave.

At ExtenCity, we offer some of the best closures on the market. We understand the need for a great closure and how important it is. There are several types of closures that you could install into your weave. Here they are...  


ExtenCity Hair Freestyle Part Closure in beautiful Loose Wave texture, color #1B Natural Black and available in 10" - 24"

The lace closure is by far the most commonly used amongst the several types of closures out there. It is very easy to install and can be used for a simple style that has only a single parting. It is an off circle shape of lace with hair attached, that gives your install a beautiful finish when added to it. It is usually small, being around 4x4 in size. To make the most of this closure, you would need about 3-4 bundles of hair. This way you have an appropriate level of fullness with the closure.


ExtenCity Hair 13x4 Freestyle Part Lace Frontal Closure in beautiful Body Wave texture, color #1B Natural Black and available in 10" - 24"

The lace frontal is another versatile piece of closure that should be part of your favorite closure collection. Popularly called the “ear-to-ear” closure, as a result of the lace stretching from ear to ear, this closure gives you a more natural look. Unlike a lace closure, the lace frontal gives you an option of styling your hair in 3 different ways. You can rock a middle or side part wherever you like. It is also bigger being a 13x4 but you would still need at least 3-4 bundles for proper usage.


ExtenCity Hair 360 Lace Frontal Closure in a straight texture, color #1B Natural Black and available in 10" - 24"

The 360 lace frontal is a headband with hair attached to it. This is by far the most versatile of all the closures, because it recreates the entire structure of the head. Which simply means, you can rock virtually any hairstyle you desire. A style like a very high ponytail can be achieved easily using this closure. Since this closure already comes with hair attached to it, all you will need for a voluminous look are 2-3 bundles of weaves. Once you have that, you're ready to SLAY.

Head over to Closure Avenue today and choose your best closure to look fabulous all year! Be sure to send us your gorgeous photos to be featured! xo

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