Surviving Dating in 2019

Dating nowadays is just exhausting! I hear so many stories of people catfishing, married men pretending to be single, women acting like they ain't married, husbands sleeping with the sisters and the stories go on and on. When the dust settles from all the drama, you are left with no relationship, wasted time and misguided emotions. There is no greater frustration than finding out, your time is being wasted.

Protect your heart.

I am married now but I have learned, so many things about protecting my heart. One of these things is to trust my instincts. Learning to trust myself, was key for me. Your instincts can let you know if there is something off with the person you are potentially dating. Yes, women's intuition is a real thing! Learn to trust this ability, instead of getting wrapped up with an underachiever that is hellbent on not being committed to you. Issa scrub!

Know your worth!

Knowing your worth is another key to coming out unscathed in the dating scene. Ladies, there is nothing wrong with walking away when your demands are not being met. Let me clarify this! It is the first date, he shows up super late, with no explanation or an excuse (he should have called before hand out of respect), it is okay to walk away. I know you're thinking all the time it took me to get dressed and make the effort to be here...but the effort was made on your part sis! You made sure you were there, looking good and smelling nice. Shut it down before it gets started!

Sift through the trash!

If you know you don't want to deal with baby momma drama, then don't date someone that has just that, no matter how cute they are. If you know that dating someone with kids is something you are absolutely against, don't set yourself up for potential failure. If you are willing to try it, that is one thing, but if you know truly dating someone with kids is an absolute no, don't set yourself up for failure.

Bottom line is know you are a queen! Know that what you have is worth your potential mate, to be on time, to be courteous, to be truthful and loyal. And above all else, know that you are worth the wait sis!

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