Hair Extensions Basics

Hair extensions will give any woman an instant make-over, creating long, lustrous hair and an incredible hairstyle within a short space of time. Women mainly choose extensions to add length to their hair, to add highlights, as well as to thicken the hair or create volume. Human hair extensions in particular, will provide beautiful, natural looking hair instantly. This is the reason why virgin human hair extensions have become the hottest hair trend right now in the beauty industry. Besides looking natural, virgin extensions are easy to manage and style as you can choose from different colors and textures...even dye it! If taken care of properly, virgin human extensions can last for over six months.

Let’s take a look at hair extensions basics to help you understand all about the trend.

What are hair extensions?

Hair extensions are strands of hair, human or synthetic, that can be added to hair in order to achieve hair length, volume and highlighting.

Types of hair extensions

There are two types of hair extensions;

i) Human hair: This is real, human hair which comes in different textures as well as grades. It looks natural, is strong and healthy. Human hair extensions are less prone to tangling and dryness.

ii) Synthetic hair: Synthetic hair extensions are man-made and mainly used for highlighting as they come in different colors such as pink, blue or red. This hair tangles really fast and therefore, has a short lifespan as compared to virgin human hair.

How hair extensions attached

There are three main techniques that are used to attach hair extensions. These are;

i) Weaving: Cornrows (tracks) are created around the head and very close to the scalp. Next, hair extensions are sewn on the tracks. This creates a natural look as your own hair lies over the tracks.
ii) Fusion or strand by strand: In this process, hair is attached about a quarter inch from the scalp. Strands in small sections are attached directly to the hair using adhesive sticks or glue. The glue used is specifically for hair extensions.
iii) Bonding: Bonding glue is applied to the weft (horizontal hair strands that are attached at the top of vertically flowing hair strands) of the hair extension. The weft is then applied right at the root of the hair.

Maintaining hair extensions

Proper maintenance of hair extensions will make them look shiny and last longer. Extensions must be taken care of the way that real hair is. If you get human hair extensions attached, you must shampoo, moisturize and condition on a daily basis. Also brush the hair extensions with a detangling brush to prevent tangling. The use of flat/curling irons and hair dryers is not a problem on virgin human hair extensions and color treatments can be done as well. If you have synthetic hair extensions, visit your hairdresser regularly for tweaks and fixes.

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