Hair Trends to Stay with 2019

How fast can this 2019 be? I would leave that for you to decide. And can your hair goals meet up with this race? ExtenCity Hairs says "Hell yeah". This is because we have an additional motive this 2019, which is: using the human hair extensions to create a boss chic, a boss lady and a classic woman! Hell ye....ah. It's the middle of 2019 already and The Golden Globes have set the hair trends via the celebrities and ExtenCity is fulfilling this straight up. Anything for our bosses. These are the growing hair trends slaying the year 2019 already.


Blunt Tip Bob Hairstyle (Image courtesy of @nikkyhairs on Instagram)

Image source: @tokemakinwa on Instagram

Bobs have been with the ladies for sometime now but as usual, it is expected to give that subtle look for just a year by each lady having it for a month or two as a wig but the blunt bob is bluntly informing us that she is here to stay for more than the usual. Her subtle appearance is sticking around for a long amount of time and ExtenCity hair has it all covered.


Wavy Bangs hairstyle - Camilla Cabelo

Image source: @camila_cabello on Instagram

The bangs is just one gorgeous look that's attractive, it gives you this classy look but everyone avoids it because it can be high on the maintenance side. However, with the wavy bangs. NEVER! It just makes style very easy and it matches with every season. When it's hot you make it short and when it is the opposite, you go long girl. This trend is really banging 2019 and saying I'm staying for you.


"Miss Volume" with her beautiful head of voluminous curls. (Image courtesy of Pexels)

Image source: Pexels

What does Miss Volume provide for a boss? Well, she makes a statement because that's what she implies every time you rock this beautiful hairstyle. The Miss Volume comes mostly in the high ponytail and it shows happiness and freedom all the time. This hair trend has been popping in this early 2019 and it is STAYING. ExtenCity says come get it girl!


Silky Straight (Image courtesy of @sharonooja on Instagram)

Image source: @sharonooja on Instagram

The straight and silky hair is a trend that has existed since when human hair extensions came and even natural hair. Fortunately, this trend is still very much alive till 2019 and it's giving different vibes through different colors and shades with the sassy and cool look it gives at the same time. It's one of the styles that can be rocked in several ways that you can imagine. Just imagine it and ExtenCity got you straight.


Luscious looking curls! (Image courtesy of @leighannepinnock on Instagram)

Image source: @leighannepinnock on Instagram

Curls and accessories is one chic and fun hair style that presents every lady as a lively woman with a bold personality and every social events matches with a curl. Moreover, it's a must have for every lady especially for that evening event/hang out to express your lively side. This trend is coming to 2019 with accessories and we can't deny the fun it implies.

*Each of these styles can be styled and enjoyed in different colors and shades. It is not compulsory you follow the shades of the pictures. ExtenCity Hair has different options for different hair inspirations.

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