How to Find a Hair Extension Stylist

So, you’ve ordered those beautiful ExtenCity virgin hair what?

Well, it’s time to get those lovely locks installed. This may be easier said than done if you’re new to wearing hair extensions or don’t have an experienced hair stylist. You could ask around for suggestions or risk trying a stylist you’ve found on Craigslist, but don’t do it.

There are easier ways to find qualified stylists who are experienced and properly know how to install hair extensions.

A Good Install is Important

Let’s face it. Not every stylist is a good one and not all are trained on how to properly install weave and extensions. A good install is important to the overall look and appearance of your intended style. Not mention, improper hair weaving methods can result in hair loss, balding and damage. Using improper weaving methods overtime can even lead to alopecia.

Therefore, it’s important to find a salon with stylists who are well-trained and knowledgeable of proper weaving and hair extension installation methods.
So, where do you go to find a qualified, reputable hair extension stylist? Here are several places you can search for a stylist to install your human hair extensions.


Screenshot of StyleSeat's website

StyleSeat is an online booking and appointment scheduling app for stylists and other beauty professionals. Hair stylists use the app to showcase their services, prices, and available appointment times. Searching for a reputable stylist is easy using StyleSeat.
The site’s homepage has a browse and discover feature with the best-rated salons and stylists broken down into distinct service categories. And yes, there is a category to search for the best weaves and extensions.

Screenshot of - An online forum dedicated to all things hair.

HairBoutique is an online forum dedicated to all things hair. You can find just about anything hair related on the site. From celebrity hair to skincare and eyelash extensions, there’s virtually no beauty topic undiscussed on the forum,
Not only is HairBoutique a good place for hair tips and style inspiration, you can also use the forum to search for a hair extension stylist. The forum features a salon directory, plus there are multiple boards dedicated to professional stylists and cosmetologists.


Screenshot of BestDooz - A blog and online salon directory for beauty professionals and stylists who specialize in ethnic hair.

BestDooz is a blog and online salon directory for beauty professionals and stylists who specialize in ethnic hair. Unfortunately, the site is limited to only salons and stylists in the U.S. However, you can easily search for a stylist by city or state.

Not only can you find a license hair extension stylist, but you can also use the site to locate makeup artists, barbers and day spas that cater to the unique needs of African American and ethnic hair types.

Final Thoughts

We’ve all had a bad experience at the salon. Whether it was a bad cut or a horrible dye job, there’s nothing worse than leaving the salon feeling less than beautiful. Don’t waste your time wading through Instagram and social media looking for a stylist who can install your ExtenCity human hair extensions.
Take our advice and use the resources listed above to find a qualified, licensed hair extension stylist.

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