Top Hairstyles For Fall and Winter

4 Top Hairstyles For Fall And Winter

With summer now a distant memory, many women are left with the task of deciding how to wear their hair for the rest of the year. Fall and winter are often characterized by cooler temperatures, making it the perfect time for women to “let their hair down”, so to speak.

However, with so many different types of hair, including wavy, thick hair and thin, long hair, finding the perfect style to go with the season may take a little searching. Here are 4 hairstyles you can consider for your Fall/Winter look.

1. Modern Farrah Fawcett

Some of the most iconic hairstyles have been inspired by celebrities. Considered an upgrade of the hairstyle made famous by the 70s actress, the Modern Farrah Fawcett comprises several lustrous layers that end at the shoulders and an optional bang. It is fitting for most face shapes and, while it is not long but not too short, it’s a suitable fresh look for fall.

2. Blunt Midi Cut

This mid-length hairstyle features a straight cut across the ends with a hint of feathering and has no layers. For women who do not have the required long hair to cut at the desired length, luxury straight hair can be bought to achieve the look at your favorite hair salon. The hairstyle is recommended for women with an oval-shaped face.

3. Voluminous Waves

Thick, wavy hair is always a big hit for fall and winter as it not only gives a rich, luscious look but also provides warmth for the neck. No worries if you do not have the thick, long hair that it demands, you can always seek out superior quality full lace wigs and clip-ins to get the desired look. This hairstyle suits women with an angular face.

4. Bold Center Part

One of the standout hairstyles for Fall Fashion Week, the Bold Center Part provides a fresh, luxurious and classy look. It consists of several layers, ending below the shoulders and a center part which pulls the eyes upward. A U-part wig is required to achieve this look and it can work for both angular and oval faces.


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