What You Need to Know About Afro Textured Weaves

The surge in afro-textured hair sales has definitely not gone unnoticed. More and more women of color are turning towards purchasing hair that mimics the natural texture of their own as opposed to buying the silky straight alternative. With that being said, a lot of women don’t know how or what type of hair to pick in order to achieve a more natural look with a wig or sew-in. This leads us to question exactly how many different afro-textured hair weaves and wigs are there and what’s the difference between them? Let’s take a look at the most popular versions of afro-textured hair that have been popping up on the scene:

Kinky Straight

Instead of opting for silky straight hair, more women of color are gravitating towards the kinky straight textured hair. Due to the fact that this hair closely mimics how afro-textured hair behaves when it is blow-dried or lightly pressed, it produces a more natural-looking end result. The great thing about this hair is that it looks like blow-dried type 4 hair which can be great if you’re interested in styling it as a blow-out or possibly setting it on rods. The textured appearance that it has gives it a more natural look as opposed to being silky straight. If you do want a more silky look, certain synthetic wigs and weft bundles are made to withstand heat styling, but be sure to not apply heat often as this risks damaging the hair.

Afro-Soft Kinky Curl

Afro-Soft Kinky Curly looks like type 4 hair that has been styled in a braidout. There are also variations of this hair that feature a looser curl pattern, mimicking the 3b-3c hair texture. The only trouble you may have with this hair is frizz, but for some the bigger the hair gets, the better it looks! Of course, you’ll need to condition the wig/wefts regularly if it begins to lose its luster or becomes difficult to detangle. Using a light serum on the hair after washing it can help deter frizz as well, just be sure to not disturb the piece as it dries or else it will become frizzy again. Most women style this hair in layers or set it on rods for a more voluminous look. The great thing about this hair is the fact that you won’t need to use as many bundles since the hair is so fluffy.

Afro-Soft Kinky Coil

Afro-Soft Kinky Coil resembles type 4 hair as well, being more-so of a go-to option if you’re looking to rock a big fro. The one thing about this hair is that it doesn’t have much sheen to it, which is what allows it to maintain a very believable end result since some type 4 hair doesn’t maintain much of a sheen to it. When making an afro-type wig with this hair type, be sure to not place the wefts too close together or you’ll wind up with a very heavy end result. Since the hair has so much volume, it can be manipulated and styled into a fro without using so many wefts of hair. If you plan on styling this hair on rods, you may need to place the tracks a little closer together so that there aren’t gaps in your piece.

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