We have now partnered with Sezzle Payments!

What is the checkout process like with Sezzle?

Sezzle has made the checkout process fast and easy! Simply select Sezzle at checkout and either log back in or create the account and add a payment method. They offer a secure checkout by sending a one time-password to your phone, so please make sure your phone is nearby. Their system will then look at the order and make a decision on whether or not they are able to approve you. If approved, you’ll see a breakdown of how much is due upfront, as well as when future payments will be due. Proceed through the rest of the process and you’re good to go!

This process typically takes less than two minutes for new customers, and just a couple of seconds for returning customers!


You’ll receive confirmation through your email, and you can always log in to your Sezzle dashboard to check on the payment amounts and due dates. To keep your account in good standing, please be sure to make your scheduled payments on time. ExtenCity Hair is not responsible for any incurred late charges to Sezzle.

When would I make my first payment?

Your first payment is due at the time of checkout. During checkout, you will be told exactly how much will be charged, which can be as little as 25% of the total order cost.


 Will my order still be shipped on time?

Yes! Your order will still be processed and shipped within the same amount of time no matter which payment option you choose. We want everyone to have the opportunity to purchase our gorgeous hair without any temporary financial limitations. If you don't get paid until next week, now it's no longer a problem! Buy now and pay later. 

Once sale is approved, can I add more products to the same Sezzle order?

Once your order has been placed and approved with Sezzle, changes can not be made afterwards. You will need to place a new order and get approval. Please note, this order shipment will have a different tracking number as they are completely separate orders. 



To learn more about Sezzle, click here.