ExtenCity Hair Affiliate Program FAQs

1. How much commission can be made from each sale?

You earn 10% from each qualified purchase you have referred through your link or discount code.

2. How can I earn a higher commission?

You can earn a higher commission of 15% when you market any of our Lace Vegas Wigs collection or offer hairstylists our premium virgin hair bundles for wholesale/bulk orders (MOQ is 10). 

MOQ: Minimum Order Quantity

3. How and when do I get paid?

Affiliates start to accumulate commission once their referred clients begin to make purchases. An affiliate earns commissions by sending sales to our online store using ExtenCity Hair affiliate links or discount codes. 

Payment is made every 30th day of each calendar month. You do not need to earn a minimum in order to be paid. After payment has been made, the ambassador’s account will reset.

 4. Do my referred clients get a discount off their purchase when they use my link or coupon code?

Your referred clients who make purchases using your link will receive 10% off of their order. If they would like to provide a review of their gorgeous looking hair, we'll feature them on our social media. <3 

5. Do Affiliate get a discount to make personal purchases?

Yes. Members of the ExtenCity Affiliate Program receive 30% off their personal purchases at the ExtenCity online store. The Affiliate Members Only discount does not apply to bundle deals or any special sales or promotions.

Please also note: You may not purchase any of our ExtenCity Hair products using your own affiliate link. 

6. When do I receive a commission?

You will receive a commission after the purchase has been paid by your referred client.

Payment is made every 30th day of each calendar month. You do not need to earn a minimum in order to be paid. After payment has been made, the affiliate’s account will reset.

7. What is considered to be a qualifying purchase in order to be paid a commission?

Here is an explanation for the different conversion status updates:


There are four possible statuses assigned to a conversion that affiliates can view to see the status of conversions.

Pending - This is the default status for all new incoming conversions.
Denied - Conversions can be denied for a number of reasons. Most common cases are mistyped credit card numbers, outdated billing addresses that do not match the card, security code was entered incorrectly or fraud detection.
Approved - Once purchase has been approved, earned commission will be visible in your affiliate dashboard.
Unqualified - If a conversion falls outside of the offer's 90 day cookie limit, it will display an Unqualified status. 

8. Can I share my Affiliate link in a blog post?

Yes. You can share your Affiliate link on your blog, YouTube channel and social media as long as affiliate links are allowed on the platform.

9. Do I need a blog to become an ExtenCity Affiliate?

No, having a beauty blog will increase your opportunity to earn money but it isn’t necessary for admission into the program.

10. Do I need a YouTube channel to become an ExtenCity Affiliate?

No, having a YouTube channel is not necessary for admission into the program. 

11. How often can I share my Affiliate link?

There is no limit to the amount of times you share your Affiliate link. We ask that you be mindful of the rules regarding affiliate links on the sites your link is shared. Please refrain from sharing your link on any spam sites or unrelated forums and message boards. ExtenCity is an affordable luxury brand and we request all who are affiliated with us, to represent the company in a professional manner. Thanks in advance.

12. Do I need to be a professional hairstylist to become an ExtenCity Affiliate?

No. Although we encourage hairstylists to join the program, anyone is free to become a member. 

13. Do you send samples of your product to Affiliates for review?

At this time, we do not send our hair products for Affiliates to review. However, depending on the size of your following and organic engagement, we would be happy to review your press kit for reconsideration.

14. Can my family and friends use my Affiliate link to make purchases?

Yes, please do share your link with friends and family.

Do keep in mind that they are not authorized to purchase products with your 30% discount though. The discount is a perk exclusively for our Affiliate members.

15. If accepted, how long must I remain in the program?

You are not obligated to remain in the ExtenCity Affiliate Program. You are free to discontinue your membership at any time. We kindly ask that you let us know in writing if you decide to end your membership. You may contact us at: support@extencityhair.com

If you have not been active for 60 consecutive days, we will release you from the program to better support our other affiliate members. 

16. Can Affiliates receive hair instead of a monetary paid commission?

Affiliates are only paid monetary commission but can receive ExtenCity hair products as a bonus. Affiliates can receive free premium ExtenCity virgin hair extensions for every 25 bundles sold using their unique affiliate code. Affiliates can also receive a free lace wig for every 10 wigs sold using their unique code. 

17. What is the cookie day limit?

Here at ExtenCity, we love to see our affiliate members WIN. We understand the amount of time and effort that is put in to promoting our products so we offer 90 cookie days. After your visitor has clicked on your affiliate link, they have 90 days to make the purchase and you will still receive your commission.

If the visitor does not click on the affiliate link again and places an order after the 90 cookie day period has elapsed, the conversion will be marked as Unqualified in Refersion.

For example:

A visitor clicks on one of your affiliate links on January 20th, 2020 and leaves the site without making a purchase. The same visitor then comes back directly to extencityhair.com on September 7th, 2020 and makes a purchase. That order would not credit the affiliate (the conversion would be marked as Unqualified) since the purchase occurred long after the affiliate's link click.

Please Note: Tracking cookie days requires the visitor to use the same device and browser, not be using private browsing/incognito mode, and to not have cleared their cookie and browsing data in order to track properly. ExtenCity Hair and Refersion are not responsible should visitor decide to make these changes on their device.