Hottest Hair Trends For 2018

Well, we’re already into the second month of 2018. This makes it the perfect time to check and see if all the fashion magazines and beauty bloggers were right about their predictions for the hottest hair trends for 2018.

At ExtenCity, we’ve always been dedicated to glamorous hair. However, we’re taking of love for hair to a new level in 2018 by declaring, "NO MORE BAD HAIR DAYS." How will we avoid bad hair days? By taking care of our hair and staying on top of the latest styles and hottest hair trends. Below are our favorite hair trends for 2018.



Of course, the lace wig would be on a list of hair trends for 2018. Why? Because lace front wigs have increasingly grown in popularity over the past few years.
We expect this popularity to continue to grow in 2018. Lace front wigs are so popular because they can glam you up in minutes and appear natural and realistic. Once reserved for celebrities and film sets, lace front wigs are now being worn by just about everyone.


This hairstyle started trending in 2017 and it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere soon. The long bob is a new take on a classic, giving the bob a bit of edge and a more modern look. There is a simplicity to the long bob that we absolutely love and look forward to seeing how celebrities like Jenna Tatum put their spin on the style.


It seems like blonde hair is back trending and we all have Kim Kardashian to thank. Everything that the reality TV star does starts a trend and she recently went back to rocking almost platinum blonde locks.
Now blonde hair is everywhere and we except the trend to stand firm throughout 2018.


Long hair always makes a comeback and it’s returned to trend again in 2018. Last year we saw a number of celebrities rocking ultra-long tresses. Pop star Ciara was recently seen at an event sporting jet black locks that flowed all the way down her back

Final thoughts...
Above are only a few hairstyles that we expect to see trending in 2018. They are all hot, modern and glamorous. Want to try one of these trending styles but without the commitment? With our lace front wigs, you can get that hot, trendy new look without cutting, dying or damaging your real hair.
Let us help you declare “No more bad hair days!” in 2018 by shopping our large selection of luxury Brazilian hair lace front wigs and accessories.

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